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Minimum Home Gym Equipment for a Home- Based Golf Fitness Program

I get asked a lot, I mean, A LOT, what gym equipment someone should have at home, particularly for a golf fitness program. And while it’s no secret that your very own Iron Paradise (the Rock’s personal home gym) would be amazing, the real question is: what is actually necessary?

First, let me be clear, you can get GREAT workouts at home with just your bodyweight and various items that every household has (don’t underestimate your broom and dog food). In

fact that was largely what we were instructing our clients with during the Covid era, because buying and finding fitness equipment was impossible. So it is certainly not imperative that you go out and spend a couple hundred bucks.

However, if you are going to invest in your ability to workout at home (and it’s an investment that pays huge dividends!), then I’ve compiled a list, with pictures and links, to what I deem the most basic necessities, plus a few “nice-to-haves”.

1st category: Cheap must-haves:

These are the items that are totally affordable under almost every budget and really increase the breadth of your training program for very little investment.

These are perfect for all sorts of hip and shoulder exercises like a wall slide, or a band walk, or hip abduction moves. For mini-bands, get the variety pack, for the bigger bands, all are useful, but particularly get the smaller ones: 1/4in, 1/2in, and a 1in are all used a lot for us.

Mini-bands on gym floor
Perform Better Mini-bands

Fitness bands hanging on wall
Bands for golf fitness exercises

Furniture sliders

We find significant use for these in stability moves. Single leg lateral squats and hinges all find new difficultly when you take away the stability of a foot.

Furniture sliders on gym floor
Furniture sliders

Pull-up area/ Pull-up door jam

This can be as simple as a tree branch, and I’ve had folks with a perfect height porch on the “second” story where they can hang and do some pulling moves. If you wish to purchase a more standardized option, then that’s even better. Here’s a super one if you’re “tool-handy”, and a cheaper door-jam option that works for most folks as well.

You’d think we just use this for foam rolling, which is certainly something to add in to your normal routine, but we also use it for a ton of exercises and stretches.

Foam roller on gym floor for golfers
Foam Roller

Stairs/elevated surface

Stairs or a step or even a curb can all be used to work the step-up or step-down pattern. Again, we’ve used any and all of it with our folks, but a box definitely works better.

2nd category: Investment must-haves:

These are the things that you just gotta find a way to get. Cheaper options from Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist are great places to find equipment, but in reality, this is the category to sink a little bit of cash into as these will your program so much variety and option.

I’ve linked PowerBlock above, which are our personal favorites just due to footprint size and sturdiness, but there are so many good options out there now, it’s quite hard to go wrong. That being said, don’t expect a $50 dollar set to last like a $300 set.

Dumbbells on stand in golf gym
PowerBlock Dumbbells

I mentioned above how anything can be used as a step-up, but eventually, you need a box. It’s more stable, adjustable, and provides the ability to do anything and everything. I also have linked an article that I like here, in case you want to build one yourself (again for you “tool handy” folks). I’ve built a box like this before and it was a great box. I would personally go with the 16-20-24” model unless you’re tall and want the 20-24-30” which is what we use in the gym.

Plyometric box for golf jumping
Plyometric Box

3rd category: Nice-to-have:

These are the things that just plain make it a full gym. If you buy these or variations of these, then you can do almost anything in pursuit of your goals.

These are super nice because of the variations of rowing and pulling that now become available. TRX is the standard and super well lasting, but other options exist and are totally adequate.

trx straps for golf fitness exercises
TRX Straps

This might fall into category 2, but either way, it’s probably a luxury not a necessity. However, just a flat bench will allow you to get so much more out of your program.

Bench on gym floor in golf gym
Bolt Fitness Bench

If you invest in the above equipment, there’s no telling how high your ceiling will be fitness wise. After that, it just comes down to having a good program and sticking to it. We, of course, would be thrilled to help with that in any way we can, but no matter what, consistency is the most important part, so keep after it y’all!


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