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A “Lately Favorite” Golf Speed Exercise: The Wall Switch.

An exercise that I’ve recently started to add more to programs (particularly for those looking to add power and speed to their golf swing) is the Wall Switch. It’s designed to create lots of pressure into the ground (a fundamental tenant of distance), work the hip flexors, and

extend the hips with speed. It’s a pretty solid exercise for anyone looking to move faster, and do so with good core position. I don’t program it for folks with low back pain or hip flexor tightness, we work through that first before adding this in.

Setup and execution:

-Start facing a wall, and then walk yourself back about 1.5 big steps. Ideally we have about a 30* lean into the wall.

-Place your hands firmly against the wall about shoulder height. Maintain lots of pressure and keep tension in your upper back.

-Take one knee up to hip height.

-Fire the feet opposite of each other, taking the up foot down to the ground, and driving the other knee up to hip height. There should be a moment where you have zero feet on the ground.

-Slightly pause, then repeat the other side.

Intent is key here, a lazy rep will produce minimal results. Stay firm, move fast, get results.

Check the video out here and let me know if you try!


a golf speed exercise for hitting the ball further

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