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Round Up: Golf Fitness Exercises We’ve Loved Lately- June 2023

Here are 5 golf fitness exercises that we’ve liked and implemented in programs for our folks. Check ’em out, try ‘em out, and see what you think.

Dead Bug Cable Pullover

-Tips and tricks:

Keep the low back pressed down into the ground as firmly as possible the entire time

Breathe in at the long position, exhale during pull-down

Keep elbows locked out

-What‘s it for:

Learning core/pelvis relationship

Avoiding early extension (golf)

Lat length and strength

Oblique Twist

-Tips and tricks:

Feet a touch wider than hips

Legs softly bent (no lockout)

Elbows long (no dinosaur arms)

Exhale on pull, control back and inhale slowly

-What’s it for:

Side wall ab strength/ rotational strength

Pulling power (golf)

Split Squat

-Tips and tricks:

Start from the ground with knees in a 90/90* position (knee over ankle, knee under hip)

Push through forward heel

Top of the rep is right before knees lock out

-What’s it for:

Leg strength

Single leg balance

Ground force production (golf)

Lateral Lunge To Single Leg Balance

-Tips and tricks:

Weight in opposite hand of direction stepping

Butt travels back as you step sideways (small hinge at waist)

Push off of plant foot back and then squeeze butt of the balance leg

-What’s it for:

Lateral strength and balance

Absorbing and decelerating lateral force

Posting ability on lead leg (golf)

Single Arm Lat Pull-down

-Tips and tricks:

Keep ribcage ”stacked” over pelvis. (No big back arch)

Palm down at top, palm back at bottom

Keep eyes up

Avoid shrug with traps and upper back

-What’s it for:

Pulling strength- under arm and through the upper back

Core control (using extremeties without moving mid-section) (golf)

Have a blast implementing some of these into your workouts. If you liked these, please follow and share with friends!



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