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What is Remote Coaching, and Should You Consider It?

People often think of personal training in a physical, hands-on type of way. You want training, so you come to our gym and I tell you what and how and how many and because why we are doing these exercises. And it works great. Not a single person who has come to our gym and put in the time and been consistent hasn’t seen significant improvements in whatever their goals were or are.

But I think there is a general sense that unless you are there in-person, the results might suffer. I am here to agree and disagree. I agree that in-person is the very best, because of a coach’s ability to adjust on the fly, or scale up and down based on how an individual is feeling. No question that little variations like that make a large difference over a multi-year span.

But I also have seen incredible results from some of my remote clients (folks I write workouts to be performed on their own time at a gym elsewhere), particularly the clients who have put in the time and been consistent (notice a common denominator here?). Check out my instagram here to see a highlight from a remote client of mine: Will Arend.

Our system is this: we start with an assessment, same as if you were in person. Only this assessment is you filming a few movements of yourself on your fancy iPhone. We then take that information about your shoulders and hips and core and glutes and all of it and couple that with your stated goals (weight loss, swing-speed gains, pain reduction, strength and performance etc). Once the program is built, you go and perform the work and log the workouts so that we can see what weights you’re using, how long the workouts are taking you, and your feedback on what feels good and what doesn’t. Then we progress from there to infinity and beyond.

Weekly reviews are expected through email, monthly re-assessments are performed to see if our target areas are improving, and periodic phone calls help us get to know each other better, as well as help us feel out if we like the current direction or in what ways in needs to change.

And the very best part of this: it’s on your own time, and it costs significantly less than in person training.

Your own time is huge, obviously, (if you have the discipline to consistently get in the gym). Not only can you do it at 3am if you want (PLEASE don’t do it at 3am), but if you were more of a night owl you could lift at 11pm. That flexibility is massive because I only have like one available slot right now, and unless you can workout on Friday at 2pm, I can’t see you immediately.

And less cost is huge for most, obviously. (That’s it, that’s the end of the paragraph right there.)

You get knowledge from a strength coach who hypothetically knows what he’s doing, at a fraction of the cost and without the frozen time engagement. Win-win-win.

Is this one giant sales pitch? Yep. Do I also think it’s something to consider if you’ve been wanting to workout? Yep.

Most people don’t know that this is an option, so I’m putting it out there for you. If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out via Instagram, a message here, or at our email Below is a picture from our app (WE HAVE AN APP!) where your workouts would be posted with video attachments.

[The people I would not recommend remote coaching to would be those with zero gym experience or large amounts of pain. Those two things will be difficult to rectify without in-person coaching from an experienced coach or Physical Therapist.]



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