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The Cost is the Cost and Hard Work is Hard

I suppose this message is an encouragement, maybe a chastisement, but either way, reality in few quick words.

The cost is the cost and if you want to be great, the cost must be paid. There are no shortcuts, and hard work demands sacrifice.

I find encouragement in this because then the path gets very simple. To become a great golfer, for instance, you must practice. A LOT. To lose weight, you must eat less calories than you burn, for a high percentage of the time. And there really aren’t any ways around that. So go get it.

Too often players will come in to the gym talking about wanting to hit the ball further, be better, shoot their lowest round, play on the PGA Tour or any other lofty thing, but when the work needs to get done, there are several excuses and other things to do.

It costs what it costs and you pay it or you don’t. The wonderful news is, we get the choice to do it, and whenever I have chosen the hard road, and stayed the course, it’s paid off handsomely.

See you at the starting line my friends, ready to work.


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