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Poetry: A Rhyme About Golf Confidence

Meant to be read with rhythm and bounce. Meant to be re-assurance to the golfer struggling with confidence. Meant for fun and to be an odd-ball. Please enjoy!

A majestic percussion is all that you hear

As the golf ball zizzers away

It’s moving so fast, for a moment you fear

“It’s missed! OB! I’ve done it this time, the ball is completely astray.”

But keep your composure you soft-bellied one

The golf ball is flying quite true

What do you expect after all, my good friend,

When your club face to path is -.2?

Before you pull the trigger, just remember those times

You had no margin of error

One deep big breath is all you allowed

So as not to succumb to the terror.

And sometimes you missed, but usually not

Your nerve did prove to be quite stout

So even on this day (with limited practice)

Get up! Have fun! And believe you can rout!

Enjoy the game, the greatest of pleasure

With the sun, the grass, the trees

It’s a joy to be out here, away from it all

No matter what you make on the par threes.

Derive your confidence—not from your skill

—And not from lengthy practice endeavors

But from the great freedom you have in your will

To send the golf ball off to forever and forever.


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