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Remote Training

This type of training is best if you are:

1. A pretty motivated individual who will consistently workout on your own.

2. Someone with gym experience and is comfortable with exercise forms and movements.

3. Not close to our location or just flat out living a pedal-to-the-metal schedule.

4. Looking for a custom workout program specific to you, not a global catch-all program.

Remote training encapsulates a couple categories for us, either full program delivery (where we send you workouts and you perform them completely on your own) or a blend of virtual training (FaceTime/Zoom sessions) and program delivery.

It gives you the most bang for your buck, saves you drive time, and allows you the most flexibility due to not having a specific appointment time. 

The process begins with a phone call, where we go in depth on your injury history, training background, and goals before developing a game plan. Click below to submit an inquiry and have a WHD team member reach out ASAP.

Remote Training Virtual Training Houston
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