This plan is a golf-focused four week plan to improve the most common deficiencies in stability and strength we find in our golfers. It is designed for folks who haven’t worked out in a while, or are wanting to start light and build from a base. 


There will be a heavy focus on core control, single leg stability, and generating power from the ground. This program is designed to be more of a strength building program, primarily using the body as a weight, which will then allow us to start building speed. If we try to build too much speed without the necessary strength, we can injure ourselves. 


Reasons for these as the main focuses:


-Core control is vital for the longevity of a golfer's playing career. The more we can control and stabilize our core, the less back pain we experience, the more golf we can play, and the more powerfully we can swing. All great things!


-Single leg stability is one of our foundational components because, as much as it doesn't appear like golfers are on one leg, they actually spend a majority of the swing with more weight or pressure on one leg at a time. So we believe that single leg training allows a golfer to be more comfortable at the further reaches of the backswing (where a majority of the pressure is on the trail leg) and at impact and follow through (where 70-99% of the pressure is on the lead leg!).


-Everyone wants to hit the ball further right? We know we do! We do that by generating pressure from the ground. In fact that is where all power comes from. So we work on it. Deadlifting, squatting, throwing, and swinging are all ways we can practice generating power from the ground, and we will do a good bit of it.


The plan will progress from a focus on stability and good movement to more powerful and explosive movements towards the end. We want to make sure a person is strong enough and stable enough to start rotating and torquing the body fully. We progress this way to learn efficiently and protect the body as well.


We know you will benefit from this plan, and if you follow it for 4 weeks, you will ABSOLUTELY improve your golf muscles and movement, and even possibly your swing (with or without extra lessons). The better your body can move, the more effortless the golf swing will feel!


Once completed, you may restart it and add more weight, reps or add more time. We recommend completing this program no more than three times in a row before switching up exercises.


P.S. If you have weights, there will be moments you can add them in to increase the challenge.



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Beginner Golf Fitness Program- 4 week- Bodyweight/Home Program

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