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Golfers who train golfers

Austin’s Story

Austin is from west Texas, born and raised, and after winning a state championship in golf, chose Rice University here in Houston to further his career and education, where he was a three time honor roll member and four-year competitor for the program before capturing his degree.

Always a lover of fitness, he weighed several paths before joining the WHD team, even after his internship with WHD while a college student went spectacularly well, if we do say so ourselves.

Likely the strongest member of our staff (although the others are hopefully catching up), his background is both through certifications and through self experience. He found himself injured through college, but still found ways to keep with the fitness. This forms a bedrock of his philosophy, “Just show up. You can always do something.”

Austin is an avid learner, a consummate people-person, and widely educated. He is NASM certified, implements Whitehead Fitness’ form of golf fitness, and has his CPR certification also.

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