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Postpartum Fitness Trainer Houston

Jordan’s Story

Jordan’s path to fitness began very young. She has always been athletic, playing a variety of sports before landing on America’s pastime—football (soccer for the uncultured folks).

She ended up with a scholarship to Rice University where she sustained multiple concussions and (with that knowledge, understandably) actually began to date Michael. She also studied a copious amount of the time while there, ultimately graduating with a degree in Sports Science and Kinesiology. We could talk about her high GPA, excellent test scores, superb internships or past jobs, but we don’t need to, just meet her and you’ll know what she’s about.

Training has always fascinated her, and identifying ways to make us more capable (in sport, life, child-bearing or anything) has become her specialty. In particular, she has turned her focus from helping her former professional golfer husband to helping pregnant and post-partum moms as she now is a mother of two and has recognized just how unique this time of life is from a training perspective.

Jordan has by far the most studied background of the team and some of her certifications are:

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

PCES Pregnancy and Postpartum Expert

Precision Nutrition Level 2

Crossfit Level 1

CPR Certified

There is no greater joy for her than learning and teaching folks how to handle the physical stresses and difficulties of life better.

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