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Golf Fitness Professional Houston

Michael’s Story

Michael is a Houstonite, born and raised, and homeschooled (the two responses are usually “Wow, that makes sense.” or “Huh I had no idea.”) until he went to Rice University. He found the game of golf right before high-school and ended up with a scholarship to said university, where he studied a lot, but didn’t learn as much as he should have. Either way, he graduated with a degree and some of the golf program’s records including the all-time low season scoring average and most rounds under par.

After college, Michael turned professional and played on a range of tours spanning the PGA, Korn Ferry, Canadian and other various mini-tours, winning eight times and replacing Tiger Woods in the US Open.

A back injury during the professional career was the catalyst into a career in fitness, as you can read about here, and that spawned several years of self-study, course education, traveling to seminars, training a few friends, before ultimately turning into what WHD is today.

A non-traditionalist in almost every way, Michael’s certifications reflect that. They include:

Gray Institute Functional Golf Specialist

TPI Certified Professional Level 1

MBSC Certified Functional Strength Coach

BodiTrak Golf Ground Mechanics Certified

CPR Certified

He pulls from all of these and more to hopefully craft a program and system that takes each individual from where they currently are to where they would like to be.

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