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WHD Fit was ultimately born out of fascination and injury. Jordan, always the learner, gravitated towards sports science in college and has never stopped figuring out how to move a body better. Michael, always the athlete, injured himself chasing the PGA Tour. This bred the perfect opportunity for a short conversation with one fateful idea: “We have to figure out how to train well, get strong, and not hurt ourselves in the process.”

This remains our ethos.

Golf Fitness Professional Michael Houston

Our Principles

Thoughtful Training. Every exercise is chosen to match your goals, and every exercise is used to accomplish some task. No random burpees here (no seriously, not one burpee has been programmed by us.) Our priority is your safety, then your ability to be a more capable golfer and human.

Progressive Training. We build a base, then build on top of it, like building a house. Mobility and stretching comes first, then we learn to stabilize, then we build strength, and then power and speed. This is a progression that creates long term results, and keeps us safe while doing so.

Unilateral Training. We do tons (I mean tons) of single arm or single leg exercises, working one side at a time. This has a couple purposes: first, we get to use lighter weight because one leg alone isn’t as strong as both together, keeping us safer and reducing compression on the joints as a whole, and second we get more core work as a bonus because the mid-section must stabilize more if only one extremity is working. Both of those sound pretty good to us.

Meet The Team

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